Top-notch vendors who peddle grain bowls, cortados, and so much more..” – Bon Appétit

Denver Central Market brings a gourmet food emporium and community meeting place to the heart of Colorado’s capital city.” – Vogue

“The one-stop-shop food emporium comes from Denver developer Ken Wolf and RiNo restaurateur Jeff Osaka…“We wanted to create a well-rounded selection, and we knew it was important to us to keep all of the vendors local,” said Osaka. “Our hope is that we’ll be another draw for the neighborhood that will SUPPORT its DIVERSITY, GROWTH and WELL-BEING.” – 303magazine


In a beautifully restored old building, this RiNo food hall has it all.” – Zagat


“Together they [Ken Wolf and Jeff Osaka] are bringing to life: an accessible gourmet market that serves as both FOOD EMPORIUM AND NEIGHBORHOOD COMMUNITY SPACE.” – The Denver Ear


“Central Market promises to be RiNo’s NEW “IT” GOURMET MARKETPLACE. Here, 13 local vendors will be serving up everything from cured meats, to ice cream, to fresh pasta. The concept comes from Jeff Osaka, chef-owner of Sushi Rama and Osaka Ramen, who curated the marketplace and sought to bring a mix of new and existing local businesses for a TRULY UNIQUE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE. With an airy, open concept and 12,000 square feet to boot, Central Market is POISED TO BE A NEW FAVORITE SPOT to eat, drink, and shop.” – Dining Out


[The Central Market] is attracting TOP LOCAL TALENT to the RiNo neighbourhood…”   – Denver Post


“…a ONE-STOP CULINARY ADVENTURE where people can buy such items as fresh-baked bread, charcuterie, cheese and rotisserie-style meals, eating there or taking the grab-and-go option. It’s very community-oriented…You can sip wine while you walk to the the fish market, the butcher and the baker.” – Denver Post

“When Wolf and Osaka opened the doors to their market a few weeks ago, the space was immediately thronged by crowds that have yet to abate. And those aren’t just people from the neighborhood coming in — they’re from all over Denver, the suburbs and beyond. We recently chatted with Wolf and Osaka about the need that motivated the market, why RiNo’s rise is different from that of other neighborhoods in Denver, and why casual restaurants have proliferated at the expense of finer dining.” – Westword




A one-stop CULINARY IMMERSION EXPERIENCE where you can buy fresh-baked bread, have a glass of wine, buy your groceries, get an ice cream cone…Guests will even be able to take their drinks and carry them around the entire market, providing a more unique shopping experience” – Eater


…a group of food producers and purveyors — some veterans and some newcomers — to pack the market with enough CULINARY CLOUT to keep connoisseurs DROOLING FOR YEARS to come. ” – Westword


“The Central Market is located in a beautiful, old building, the HH Tammen Building at 26th and Larimer streets…The neighborhood area is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. “I’ve owned this space for a while and I just thought with how this area is developing that it would be great to have a gourmet market to service the neighborhood,” said Wolf [developer].” – Colorado Real Estate Journal